Ajax Cart Pro Compatibility

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AJAX Cart Pro 2.x
Note: It has been brought to our attention that AJAX Cart Pro 3.0 has been rewritten and works in a different way. The below guide does not apply. 

Issue Status

Mostly Compatible 

A compatibility fix was deployed with MageRewards version Please refer to the  Change Log. The fix rewrites AheadWork's Observer model and manually triggers any MageRewards necessary events.

Some users report issues with the latest version of AJAX Cart Pro: When the cart is updated through AJAX, it causes the rows to be rendered using the default templates rather than the new templates that are used after the  Integration Guide is followed after MageRewards installation. (see full description)


When Ajax Cart Pro is installed and enabled:

  • Adding products to the cart neglects any point redemptions selected by the customer.
  • Removing products breaks the template and hides all the products in the cart (leaving just the headers)

see Catalog spending rules

Full Description

Ajax Cart Pro is an extension by Aheadworks. Ajax Cart Pro replaces the default trash bin image onclick event to: javascript:ajaxcartprodelete('item_delete_url');.... This deletes the item and refresh the totals but does not refresh other parts of the page. This is a direct violation of Magento's Observer design pattern. In a nut-shell, this is caused because of a defect in Ajax Cart Pro's code. When the delete action is called, it refreshes the cart contents but instead of using the template which is properly defined in the layout XML file, it's hard-coded to load its default template effectively skipping the custom template we define for it.

Past Issues

This extension interrupts the Add_To_Cart event when products are added to the cart. As a result, MageRewards's methods for calculating how many points the customer is using and what discount to apply to cart items isn't called.


Contact Aheadworks and request for them to add an option into the back-end admin page to disable the shopping cart ajaxcartprodelete().. so the default Magento behavior of refreshing the entire page is restored.

Please keep in mind that implementing any modifications to your MageRewards core code does void your support agreement because you're adding dependency to the other module.

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