Import affiliate referrals into the database

Note: Please consider using the  Referrals Import tool instead of directly modifying the database.

Referral links are stored in the rewardsref_referral table. Each row constitutes a referral ‘link’. If a link exists, referral rule actions will be triggered when necessary events or actions occur. Your developer(s) can import rows directly into this table after it is installed to import the links. A simple database manager should be able to import a CSV/XML spreadsheet file pretty easily.

The only thing to really note, is that MageRewards will use a referral’s customer account if it exits, but it doesn’t need to exist. If a referral’s account does not exist, then the `referral_child_id` attribute can be left blank, but the `referral_email` and `referral_name` fields must be filled in. If it DOES exist, then the `referral_child_id` field should be filled in with the referral’s Magento customer ID. MageRewards will TRY to accommodate if these rules are not satisfied, however keeping your data this way will avoid data redundancy more accurately.

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