Coupon codes are available for shopping cart rules; for both shopping cart earning rules and shopping cart spending rules. When a coupon code is specified, the rule no longer activates until the customer specifies the coupon code in their shopping cart or checkout.

How it works for Shopping Cart Earning Rules

In the case of Shopping Cart Earning Rules, once the coupon is entered in, the cart gets added with the rule point amount. This is a great way to give customers extra points for their next checkout without much hassle from the administrator.

How it works for Shopping Cart Spending Rules

When a coupon is used that activates a shopping cart spending rule, the shopping cart spending option comes up after coupon is entered in. That is, the customer will not have the option to spend their points using this shopping cart spending rule until the coupon is specified.

Coupons for shopping cart spending rules are not common as coupons for earning rules (see above), but sometimes used to create custom spending rates for checkout promotions. For example, administrators may want to give customers that have the coupon the ability to double their discount per point spent using this coupon.

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