MageRewards is now available!

Release Date: May 29, 2016

This major release contains a few very exciting features including a revamped MageRewards Dashboard containing a set of very useful store and loyalty metrics as well as a live feed section. Customizing social buttons has also gotten easier thanks to an addition in the Social Rewards 2.0 JavaScript API as well as support for HTML5 data attributes.

This release also contains some compatibility code to support MageStore Social Login & MageStore OneStepCheckout. Besides this, there's a number of bug fixes, usability improvements and high-level refactoring done in this version. 

Note that we no longer support Magento CE 1.5.x.x and EE 1.10.x.x as of this version.

Details of all changes are listed below:

New Features & Improvements

  • [ST-3183] - New Metrics in MageRewards Dashboard
  • [ST-3195] - Live Feed feature in MageRewards dashboard
  • [ST-3204] - Keep HelpScout Beacon permanently on the MageRewards Dashboard page
  • [ST-3156]- Add "doAction()" function to library
  • [ST-3074] - Ability to select different Email template for Point Review Approval in multi store setup

Third Party Module Compatibility

  • [ST-3141] - Magestore Onestep Checkout support for shopping cart spending on checkout page
  • [ST-3180] - Extension Conflict with RewardsRef and MageStore Social Login 0.3.1

Bugs and Usability Fixes

  • [ST-3169] - Cart Points Slider not working correctly if catalog points applied and point values are different
  • [ST-3181] - Points Currency Image broken if "Print Points on Image = Yes", no font settings configured
  • [ST-3167] - Quick Launch throws error if username is invalid
  • [ST-3078 ] - Error when coupon code is entered for Shopping Cart Spending Rule
  • [ST-3166] - Discount not correct if there is a Product with Price of $0
  • [ST-3158] - Rewards Social 2 - A counter appears for the Pinterest button sometimes
  • [ST-3150 ] - No Points Earned for Reviews if customer hit the Review Limit and posted another review after a Day when Customer Account is Saved in browser
  • [ST-3144] - Disabling Output of RewardsSocial2 will break Backend Configuration Section
  • [ST-3142 ] - Error indexing MageRewards Reports: Order Data if email address has an apostrophe (')
  • [ST-3087] - Customer Points Balance on header not displaying for RWD theme (CE to latest + EE equivalent)
  • [ST-3044] - Warning message keeps appearing when customer interacts with Social Icons without logging in
  • [ST-2560] - If associated simple products is not visible individually, shared purchased product link returns 404 page error
  • [ST-1886] - Shopping Cart spending multiple Rules
  • [ST-3192] - Security improvment

Maintenance & Refactoring

  • [ST-3190] - Partial refactoring for integrated content
  • [ST-3191] - Remove test platform controller
  • [ST-3185] - Refactor milestone transfer references
  • [ST-3073] - You can't write a review without rating a product or vice-versa

Updating MageRewards

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