MageRewards is now available!

Release Date: February 13, 2015

MageRewards for Magento is now available for download!

This release adds support for PayPal Express as well as downloadable products in Points-Only mode. This version also addresses a series of performance improvements, maintenance fixes and small feature additions to the program.

Release Notes - ST Rewards Connector - Version

New Features

  • [ST-2732] - Basic support for points-only downloadable products
  • [ST-2677] - Allow rewards for writing a review at the Magento Backend
  • [ST-2535] - Add support for earning points by customers that register at checkout and use Paypal Express
  • [ST-968] - Add beta support for Recurring Payments (beta)

Conflict Resolutions 

  • [ST-2717] - Edge case conflict for missing points on an order if customer registers during checkout

Performance Improvements

  • [ST-2743] - Milestone rules do not paginate customer collections during cron execution
  • [ST-2742] - Some cron Jobs load entire customer collection into memory instead of pagination

Bug Fixes

  • [ST-2728] - Item Discount is not applied and missing at Admin Order but points were deducted using PayPal Express
  • [ST-2727] - Paypal Express Checkout Catalog Spending Rule - The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts
  • [ST-2721] - Missing ; in rewards.js causes issue when using Magento Javascript Minification
  • [ST-2709] - Table sales_flat_quote is sometimes missing column rewards_discount_base_tax_amount
  • [ST-2707] - Design issue at cart page product row if Downloadable product is added.
  • [ST-2704] - Existing customers (before ST installation) will not receive points summary emails
  • [ST-2640] - Milestone Revenue Email is not sent if the order is invoiced at the same time that the customer places it (i.e. credit card orders, paypal orders, etc.)
  • [ST-2613] - Catalog Earning Block displayed multiple times when cache is enabled
  • [ST-2607] - System.log records error: "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in app/code/community/TBT/Rewards/Block/Product/Predictpoints.php on line 157"
  • [ST-2556] - does not approve Pending Event points after invoice if Customer registered at Checkout
  • [ST-2532] - Authorize.Net CIM Payment Module for Magento - No points rewarded on orders if customer register at checkout
  • [ST-1293] - Paypal Express Checkout Product Info Blank on the left of PayPal page


  • [ST-2712] - Switch PHP Obfuscation Technology

Updating MageRewards

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