Introducing Rewards Social 2.0

Introducing Rewards Social 2.0

We're proud to introduce the new Rewards Social 2.0, bundled with MageRewards v1.8.7.0 and up, for Magento Community and Enterprise merchants.

Rewards Social 2.0 is a complete overhaul of the existing social reward functions within our MageRewards extension and we just know you are going to find it easier to use and customize.

Our main objectives with Rewards Social 2.0 was to give our merchants and development partners more control with the social rewarding features of MageRewards. This new development will support a wider range of popular social network extensions and allow front-end developers to integrate MageRewards with customized social widgets.

What is New?

The shiny new functions that our team have developed has enabled increased customization, control and configuration for social rewards. But what are these new features?

New JavaScript API

Customizing the new Rewards Social 2.0 is going to be a breeze with our freshly developed MageRewards Social JavaScript API. New custom triggers such as buttons, images or icons can be implemented and tagged with JavaScript code to trigger reward events on the front-end.

This will allow merchants and developers to customize the front-end of their shop more extensively to create a unique social rewarding experience.

Learn more about our new JavaScript API

New Configuration for Rewards Social 2.0

Along with the introduction of a new JavaScript API we have new functionality that sits in the MageRewards’s admin-panel configuration page.

We have cleaned up the old social configuration tabs by combining all settings into one tab which simplifies the configuration process for all social rewarding.

New limiting settings allow you to have global control over your reward social functions, including daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime rewards. Keeping things simple has allowed these features to be easier to understand and manage whilst enhancing the old functionality.

Learn more about the new Admin Configuration

What Happens to the Old Social Rewards?

Rewards Social 2.0 is only available in MageRewards v1.8.7.0 and up.

If you're upgrading from a lower version of MageRewards, you'll be given the option to start using Rewards Social 2.0. If you're installing MageRewards for the first time, you'll automatically be using the new 2.0 system

Learn More about the migration process

What Happens to My Rules?

The quick answer is absolutely nothing! All your old social rewarding rules should work exactly the same as before, however it will pay to test these out to ensure your customers are getting rewarded correctly.

We do encourage that you generally allocate smaller monetary rewards towards social actions as social actions are sometimes abused.

Social rules will be available under the Rewards > Reward Rules > Earning Rules > Customer Behavior menu item, just as before.

How to Upgrade to Rewards Social 2.0

To upgrade to Rewards Social 2.0, you will need to update your version of our MageRewards extension in your store to v1.8.7.0 and up, to download the latest version of MageRewards, click here.

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