Customer Behavior Rule Triggers

Triggers are events that need to occur in order to activate the  customer behavior rule actions. Triggers will only allow the rule actions to activate if the behavior rule conditions are also met.

Some sample customer actions or events that can be used as triggers are (as of  MageRewards Version 1.6):

  • writes review: customer reviews a product in your store
  • rates a product: customer rates (out of 5 stars) a product in your store
    • This acts as the same thing as the review rewards type rule because in the default Magento installation (1.x), you are required to write a review if you are rating a product.
  • signs up: a customer signs up for a customer account for your store
  • votes in poll: a customer takes part in a poll that you have set up in your store
  • sends product to friend: a customer sends someone they know a link to one of your products via email.
  • signs up for a newsletter: customer signs up for your store's email newsletter
  • Tags a product: customer creates a unique tag for one of your products.

MageRewards 1.6

  • Customer LIKES something on Facebook: Give points to a customer that "likes" a product in your catalog using facebook. See MageRewards Facebook for more information about this.
  • Customer's birthday occurs: This trigger happens when a customer's birthday has occurred. This only triggers if the customer has specified their birthday.

MageRewards 1.7.7

  • Customer tweets about a product/page on Twitter: Give points to customers that tweet about a product or a page on your store.
  • Customer +1's a product/page on Google+: Give points to customers for +1'ing a product or a page on your store.
  • Customer pin's a product on Pinterest: Give points to customers for pinning a product on Pinterest

For more details about these please check  Earn points for sharing products on Social Sites (Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!)

 New Customer Behavior Rule triggers as of MageRewards 1.7.8

  • Customer shares their referral link through Twitter or by sending email invitation: Give points to your customers for sharing their referral link on Twitter or by sending email invitations. See Earn points for sharing your referral link for more information.
  • Customer follows your store on Twitter: Reward your customers for following your store on Twitter. For more details, please check Setting Up Twitter Follow Rewarding.

Referral Module Customer Action Triggers

When you install the  MageRewards affiliate/referrals module, new customer actions are added to the triggers section. Some of these include:

  • Referral makes first orderYou can specify a fixed amount of points in the actions section that the affiliate gets as a result of the referral making their first order.
  • Referral signs up to website
  • Referral make any orderYou can specify a percentage % amount of points in the actions section that the affiliate gets as a result of the referral making any order.

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