Cron jobs are enabled and my rule is valid, but I still don't see the catalog redemptions in the catalog

If  cron jobs are enabled and you're sure of it, there may be another issue. So there are two things then that could be affecting it. Either

  1. The cron jobs are executing by not reaching the rule application process for some reason (due to errors in other parts).
  2. the server time versus the store time are off and it it's applying the rules too early (before 12AM). For example, if it applies points rules at 11:00PM Monday, when the store notices the time reach 12:01AM Tuesday, the rules will no longer be valid.

Both can be tested this way:

First, create a catalog discount rule for your store with the standard Magento promotion rule system. Apply rules and ensure that it works. After you've ensured that it works, wait 24-hours and check again. If both MageRewards and the standard Magento promotion rules are no longer applied, it means either of the two issues above are true for your store. If this were the case you'd need to add a log line like

Mage::log('Reached the MageRewards updateCatalogRulesHash function in Product.php. Maybe cron jobs are working after all...');

to the updateCatalogRulesHash function in app\code\community\tbt\rewards\model\observer\catalog\product\flat\update\Product.php file (around line 57). This will identify when/if the rule application process if being reached.

Another way to check this is wait for the rules to become unapplied, then run your cron.php file in your browser. If the rules become applied, then you know that there is nothing wrong with your cron jobs, but the time in which the cron jobs are running is not right (so #1 is not true and #2 is true above).

If the rules application process function is not being reached through cron jobs, you'll need to debug any other problems in your store or find a way to apply rules first or in a separate script written by you or your team and added to the cron (or scheduled task).

If the dates are the issue, you need to tweak your server date settings and/or your magento store date settings.

Rules in different time zones

If your store is in a different time zone than where you're accessing it, redemption rules may become activated for certain periods of time but not all times. The MageRewards update fixed this issue by applying rules for one day previous and one day in advance.

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