Customer Account Management Features

Everything here is completely customizable to your own preferences. You can remove blocks by following MageRewards  design guides or simply customizing the templates provided.

  • Added Rewards box on the Account Dashboard, displaying the customers point summary, as well as pending points.
  • Dedicated My Points and Rewards tab within the customer's account

My Points and Rewards

  • Customer can view transfer history
  • Lists current points the customer has and the number of points they will receive on pending transfers
  • Transfer history tracks status of each transfer: Pending, Approved, or Revoked
  • If the transfer was related to something within Magento, an order or a review for example, they can access that information from the history

Redeem Your Points (Mini rewards catalog)

  • MageRewards will search through your catalog and pull out a handful of products your customer could use there points on
  • The customer can access these products right from their account dashboard
  • Using our Point Optimizer it will intelligently display the lowest price for the product possible given the customers current points

Send Points to a Friend

  • Transfer points to other customers
  • Attach messages to point transfers to other customers

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