Points Summary Email

If you are using MageRewards, you will be able to use the Points Summary Email feature. 

What does the Points Summary Email do?

This allows merchants to send out a points balance to their customers on the first of every month. This email will notify customers of their current point balance as well as if they have any pending points. 

Note: You will need to make sure your cron is properly enabled for this feature.

How do I customize the email template?

  1. Navigate to System > Transactional Emails.
  2. Click on the orange Add New Template button.
  3. Under Load Default Template, select MageRewards - Points Summary Statement from the Template drop down.

  4. Click on the orange Load Template button. 
  5. Create a name you can remember and modify the template however you would like before clicking Save Template.
  6. As with other Magento transactional templates, you can set the template by store from the configuration.

How can I configure this feature?

There are four settings for this feature in the MageRewards Configuration. To access them, go to  Rewards > Configuration >Other Configuration Points Summary Emails

Note: As of MageRewards 1.7.5, this option is disabled by default. If you enable this feature, all customers will receive this monthly statement unless they go to their preferences and disable them as shown below.

How can I send a test Points Summary email?

To send a test email, you will need to run the Cron job manually and force the transactional emails to send.  To do this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your template is created in Admin > System > Transactional Emails
  2. Ensure that the correct template is selected by going to Admin > Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration > Points Summary Emails
  3. Edit the app\code\community\TBT\Rewards\etc\config.xml file

    At line ~889 change 

    <!-- Rewards Points Summary Email on 1st of every month --> 
    <schedule><cron_expr>0 0 1 * *</cron_expr></schedule> 


    <!-- Rewards Points Summary Email on 1st of every month --> 
    <schedule><cron_expr>* * * * *</cron_expr></schedule> 

    Save the file.

  4.  Run your CRON manually in your browser.

NOTE: when doing this  ALL customers in your store will receive the template email.  We always suggest doing this from a development site.  Also, you will need to revert the changes you have made in the config.xml file. Otherwise with your CRON running every 5 minutes it will send out the template to ALL customers every 5 minutes.

Can customers disable these emails?

Yes, customers can opt in or out from  My Dashboard section under Email Preferences. The default setting is to opt out.

Why don't I see the notification preferences?

If you are upgrading to MageRewards 1.7.3+ for the first time, you'll need to make sure you update the following files in your custom theme:

  • app/design/frontend/[your_package]/[your_theme]/layout/rewards.xml
  • app/design/frontend/[your_package]/[your_theme]/template/rewards/customer.phtml
You should be replacing them with the following files:
  • app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/rewards.xml
  • app/design/frontend/base/default/template/rewards/customer.phtml
These files are needed for the notification preferences to display.

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