Migrating To Another Installation

To migrate MageRewards to another installation of Magento follow these instructions. These instructions can also be used to migrate from your Magento staging environment to your live, production environment.

On your source Magento installation (or staging):

  1. In your admin, navigate to Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration > Migration Utilities.

  2. Click on the button

  3. This will download a .stcampaign file.

On your destination Magento installation (or live/production):

  1. Install MageRewards completely using our Installation Guide
  2. The next step depends on whether your theme will be the same or different in your new location:
  3. Copy the following files/folders from the source install to the destination install. 
    • app/design/frontend/base/default/template/rewards/
    • app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/rewards.xml
    • app/design/adminhtml/base/default/template/rewards/
    • app/design/adminhtml/base/default/layout/rewards.xml
    • skin/frontend/base/default/css/rewards/
    • skin/frontend/base/default/images/rewards/
    • skin/frontend/base/default/fonts/
  4. Import all the MageRewards rules (campaign) in Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration > Migration Utilities using the .stcampaign file that was downloaded from the source install in Step #1. 

If you would like to migrate over customer points

  1. Export your customer points on your source install.
    1. Navigate to Rewards > Customer Points > Customer Point Balances
    2. On the top of the grid displayed, set Export to: to CSV and click the Export button.
    3. This will download a csv file of your customer points.

      Note that the CSV file you create in this section will not be compatible with the import tool right away. Open the file and change the column headers on the first line so that they match the headers required by the import tool (mentioned above). This should allow you to use the file again through the import tool. 
  2. Import your customer points on your destination install.
    1. Navigate to Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration > Migration Utilities
    2. Next to Import Points click on Choose File and select the file you just downloaded from your source install.
    3. Click the button

To migrate customer referrals from the MageRewards Affiliates and Referrals Extension

  • Copy over all the data in the rewardsref_referral table to your destination install's database.

Don't forget to check your settings!

  • Go through the MageRewards configuration settings in the your Magento admin (Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration) and make sure all items match on both servers.

That is all that should be needed. Be sure to clear your cache test everything out thoroughly on your live server.

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