Setting Up a Points Currency Image in Magento

Getting Started

In the menu bar, go to:  Customer Rewards > Point Currencies or Rewards > Configuration > Points Currency

There should be a currency set up by default. Click edit.

Currency Information

  • Currency Caption: The name of your points, this is "Gold" by default. This will appear as "Gold Points" to your customer.

Points Appearance

This is where you can configure how your points will look to your customers.

  • Image Path: This is where the image of what you want your points to look like is located. The image path is relative to your store skin, so remember to place the image somewhere within store's skin folder. Alternatively you can change the base theme image, however that's not recommended. Example entry: images/rewards/gold_token.png Image file location: skin/frontend/default/customtheme/images/rewards/gold_token.png. TIP: Use a .png image file with a transparent background for best results.
  • Image Width/Height: Use these to set the dimensions of the point image your customers see (in pixels). Recommended sizes are 30 X 30 to 60 x 60.
  • Print Points on Image: This enables/disables printing the point amount on the image. For instance, if the customer is buying a product that gives them 30 points, then the number 30 will be printed on the image.
  • Font Path: This is the font of the text that will be printed on the point image. Again, the directory of the font file is relative to the store skin, so remember to place the font file somewhere within the store's skin folder. Use a .ttf file type.
  • Font Size: This is simply the font size that is printed on the image of the points.
  • Font Color: Set the color of the numbers that are printed on the point image. This uses decimal coloring. 0 is black, by default.
  • Font Left/Top Offset: Use this to move the font that appears in your points left/right and up/down. Generally you want to center the font.
  • Currency Image Preview: If everything was done correctly this should show you a preview of your new point image, just as your customers would see it!

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