Set Up a Catalog Earning Rule

This article is outdated starting from  MageRewards v1.12.0!

These earning rules award points based on products. If you want to give customers 10 points for the purchase of any laptop product, you would use a catalog earning rule.

Start by going to: Customer Rewards > Point Rules > Earning Rules > Catalog

This will take you to the catalog Earning rule page. Here you can create, edit and remove catalog Earning rules.

Note that all earning/spending pages all have the same basic layout.

We will create a new catalog point Earning rule. Click on the Add New Catalog Earning Rule button.

This will take you to a rule creation page.

Note that all rule creation pages have the same basic layout.

Rule Information

This is where the basic information of the rule is entered. See  Catalog Earning Rule - Rule Information for more information about this section.


Conditions are what event(s) that have to be met in order for an action (award points, etc) to take place. An example of a condition would be:

SKU is n2610, bb8100, sw810i (in this example, the condition that states that the product must be one of the listed SKUs must be met for points to be distributed)

These conditions use Magento's rule system. You should know how to use this from previous Magento experience. The conditions that you can select are dependent on the type of rule that you are creating. For example a catalog rule will have conditions using product attributes such as SKU, special price, weight, etc.

After you have set your conditions, it is time to set the actions that will occur if your conditions have been met.


This is what happens if the conditions are met. In creation of a Earning rule, the actions would be to award points. Actions are specific for what type of rule you are creating.

Reward With Points

  • Action: Here you select the action to be performed, from a drop down box.
    • Selecting Give X Points to Customer will award the customer X points, of which you can specify X and the maximum amount of points that are allowed to be transferred.
    • Selecting For Every Y Dollar Amount in Price, Give X Points will create a point distribution that will give a variable amount of points, dependent on the price of the product.

Finishing editing

To save and activate the rule, press the Save and Apply button. Congratulations, you have just set up a catalog earning rule!

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