Rewards Social 2.0 Admin Functionality

Automatic Integration for Social Buttons

By allowing MageRewards to “Automatically Integrate with Supported Social Buttons”, we’re able to detect some popular social buttons anywhere on the page and reward for them. This is done via an external JavaScript file which is loaded on the front-end of your store. Read more about automatic integrations.

If you don’t plan to use any supported social buttons and wish to only use our JavaScript API for rewarding, you can turn this option off. Read more about manual integrations.

Store's Twitter Username and Default Tweet Message

These settings are used to build Twitter Follow and Tweet buttons.

Select Boxes for Social Buttons

You can select which social sharing buttons show on the specified area with this new configuration. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select multiple items in each box.

Social Sharing on CMS Pages

You’re able to add social buttons to individual CMS pages, by using our new CMS Widget. Simply go to the content of the CMS page you wish to add social buttons to, and click on Magento’s "Insert Widget..." button. You’ll see the “MageRewards Social Buttons” option there.

Security Limits On Social Sharing

Social features are at times target for abuse by customers. For example, customers are sometimes able to cancel a social action before submission, and because of the privacy factor of social networks, we’re not always able to verify if a social action was actually carried out or not.

To combat abuse scenarios like this, in addition to encouraging smaller reward allocations towards social features, we’ve implemented a simple, yet powerful security mechanism to limit social earnings per day, per week, per month, per year, and per lifetime of a customer’s account.

Each limit will count the number of times points have been awarded to the customer for all social actions. Customers will be notified of exceeding such limits on the front-end, if any limits have been set by the administrator. The counts will reset at the end of the calendar period of each limit. For example, Daily earning counts will reset at 12am every day and weekly earning counts will reset on the first day of the week (usually Sunday) at 12am!

Store View and Websites in Magento

The new functionality allows you to set configuration settings for social rewards per store view and website in your Magento admin-panel.

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