Setting up MageRewards With Multiple Websites

If you're not familiar with Magento's GWS design (Global, Website, Store), we recommend you  read about this first on Magento's knowledge-base.

Many times you may wish to have MageRewards run on only one store and not on the other web-sites, or on all web-sites. Luckily MageRewards is very configurable so that you can accommodate such needs and your unique Magento installation's setup. This guide is also useful if you're looking to disable MageRewards from certain websites and it currently applies to all your websites.

This guide assumes you have MageRewards installed and integrated on your base installation and at least one store.

That's it! MageRewards should be running on all your installed websites now.

How to disable MageRewards display components for a specific Magento store

To hide MageRewards display components, such as, text, graphics, and links for a specific Magento store, under the Magento’s System Configuration, select the specific store (from the Current Configuration Scope dropdown box) that you want MageRewards’s display components hidden. Under the System Configuration Advanced section, disable the module output for MageRewards and its sub-modules (prefixed with “TBT”), unchecking the Use Website checkbox. Note that this action disables the extension’s output for the selected store and not the extension’s functionality.

If you're using MageRewards or earlier

Make sure there are are no design files in the store's design folders, including template and layout files. If your installation currently uses a common infrastructure, you will need to change the design package or theme for the different websites (which is recommended), or you will need to do some custom coding here.

Sharing Points Between Websites

You can share points between multiple websites if the customer accounts are shared between websites. You can configure customer accounts to be shared between websites in the Magento system configuration "Customer" section.


If a MageRewards rule applies to a web-site, the customer may not see anything MageRewards related, but he/she WILL STILL GET POINTS. It is important that you pay close attention to your rule setup for this reason.

More Information on Multi-Stores in Magento

Check out these third party sites for more information on multi-stores in Magento:

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