Setting Up a Catalog Spending Rule

This article is outdated starting from  MageRewards v1.12.0!

Catalog spending rules are spending rules that are applicable by product attributes. An example of a catalog spending rule is:

If the customer spends 10 points they will receive a 5% discount on that product.

IMPORTANT: Please note that in order for catalog spending rules to operate properly, you must have enable cron-jobs (or scheduled tasks) in Magento. For a tutorial on how to set up cron-jobs/scheduled tasks, please see: Setup Cron Jobs or Scheduled Tasks

Start by going to:  Rewards > Reward Rules > Spending Rules > Catalog

This is the Catalog Redemptions Page. Go here to create, edit or delete any catalog spending rule. Note that it is similar to the other rule pages.

Click on Add New Catalog spending Rule to create a new catalog spending rule. This will take you to a rule creation page that you should be familiar with by now.

Rule Information

This has the same basic format that you should be familiar with. Simply enter the information required.


  • Set the conditions that must be met in order for point redemption such as: brand, manufacturer, SKU and other product attributes. This is used to limit which products can have this redemption applied to them. Leave this blank if you wish all products to be applicable for the redemption.
  • Customer Spends Points


  • Here is where you will specify what the discount the customer received. The customer can receive a catalog redemption discount in the following ways:
    • By percentage of the original price: giving the customer a percentage discount off. eg. 10% off.
    • By a fixed amount: a fixed monetary discount. eg. $10 off.
    • To percentage of the original price: sets the product's new price to a percentage of the original price. eg. new price is 25% of original price.
    • To fixed amount: sets the product's new price to a fixed amount. eg. the new price is $10.

When you're done

Click Save and Apply to save and activate your rule.

Sample setups

See  Catalog Points Slider

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