Quick Start Guide


Welcome to MageRewards! If you're here you've probably just signed up for your MageRewards account and are excited to start unlocking it's power. We're excited to see the positive effects of MageRewards on your store. A lot of extra effort was put in to accommodate Magento's extensible and highly modular style. We hope installation and customization won't be too tedious, but if it is please contact us to see how we can help you.

This guide will get you going as quickly as possible. We won't be covering a lot of neat features MageRewards has, so we really insist you play around and experiment with it.


Visit the  Installation Guide to install MageRewards on your store.


We've designed MageRewards to be a transparent addition to the functionality of your store. Every feature should blend in perfectly with your store with a little work. To help you along with this we've put together an  Integration Guide to walk you through how to easily display and access parts of MageRewards. These integrations range from pretty much necessary (providing customers control over Shopping Cart rewards while in the cart) to completely optional and aesthetic (Showing a points summary on the welcome header).

Customization & Translation

Customize templates, skins, design, layout, templates and even functionality with our Customization Guide.

You'll find information about translating MageRewards into your own language here: Translations.

For those of you more  technical personnel who wish to customize MageRewards further than what the design or configuration allows, the Technical Guide is a great place to start.

Using MageRewards

Now that MageRewards is all up and running here is a quick run down of what you and your customers will see. Follow the  Admin User Manual to get started with setting up your campaign!

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