Setting Up a Shopping Cart Earning Rule

These earning rules award points based on a customer's shopping cart. If you want to give customers 10 points for any purchase with a subtotal over $400, then you would use a shopping cart earning rule.

Start by going to: Customer Rewards > Point Rules > Earning Rules > Shopping Cart Rules

This will take you to the Shopping Cart Earning Rule Page. Note that this is similar to the other rule pages. Click on Add New Cart Earning Rule to set up a new rule. This will take you to the Shopping Cart Earning Rule Creation Page. Again, note that this is similar to the other rule creation pages.

Rule Information

The same fields are present here as in the other rule creation pages, with the exception being the coupon related fields.

  • Coupon Code: if you would like this distribution to be available only after a customer enters a coupon code in their cart, enter in what the customer must type in here. An example of a promotion using this would be 100 bonus points for all purchases over $100 with use of this coupon.
  • Uses per Coupon/Customer: here you can set the amount of uses each coupon has.


The conditions in a shopping cart rule are related to aspects of a customer's shopping cart. Examples of shopping cart conditions are: subtotal, item quantity, shipping method, and payment method, to name a few.


Shopping cart distribution actions allow you to distribute points in the following ways:

  • Give X Points to customer: a flat point distribution.
  • For every Y amount spent give X points: this rewards customers variably, based on how much they spend monetarily.
  • For every Z qty purchased, give X points: this allows you to reward your customers based on the quantity of items in their cart.
  • Apply rules to certain cart items: if you want to restrict which items in the cart can have the rule applied to them, you can do so in this section.

Click Save Rule to save this rule and set it as active.

Apply the rule actions only to cart items matching the following conditions

This setting allows you to filter a subset of the products. Only the subset matched products will be used towards calculating the total number of points accumulated.

If left blank, this will use any items in the cart that matches the Conditions (see above) to calculate the total points earned.

See  How to apply the rule actions to a subset of products.

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