Front-end Design Architecture

Layout XML

The XML layout specification system allows your company to display which blocks show up in the different parts of your Magento E-commerce store without affecting any templates permanently.

design/frontend/[Your Package]/[Your Theme]/layout/rewards.xml

Integration Guide for detailed explanations on what core phtml changes are made.

Design Templates

These design templates are our own. You can modify them if you'd like to tweak how your MageRewards looks. Modifying template files should not affect the core functionality of your points campaign, but may affect how your loyalty campaign looks and feels.

Our template files are located in the following directory. design/frontend/[Your Package]/[Your Theme]/templates/ rewards/

The specific file hierarchy is as follows: Starting in the  rewards/ folder...

  • customer.phtml
  • checkout/
    • cart.phtml
    • rewarddiscount.phtml
    • rewardearned.phtml
    • rewardspent.phtml
    • onepage/
      • progress/
        • sidebox.phtml
  • customer/
    • sendpoints.phtml
    • sidebar.phtml
    • summary.phtml
    • transfers.phtml
    • redeemcatalog.phtml
  • product/
    • predictpoints.phtml
  • view/
    • points.phtml
  • sales/
    • order/
      • points.phtml
      • print/
        • points.phtml
  • special/
    • header.phtml
    • review.phtml

Template Injections

In order to make MageRewards seem completely integrated into Magento we had to add the following injections into Magento's PHTML code. The following files are modified either either by yourself (if you installed MageRewards) or by a specialized MageRewards representative:

In the "app/design/frontend/[Your Package]/[Your Theme]/template/"

  • catalog/product/list.phtml
  • catalog/product/view.phtml
  • checkout/onepage/progress.phtml
  • checkout/cart.phtml
  • customer/account/dashboard.phtml
  • sales/order/items.phtml
  • sales/order/print.phtml

Please keep in mind that the obligatory modifications to the Magento phtml files should not affect your ability to upgrade Magento to a newer version unless Magento decides to make a 'do or die' phtml update. This is however very unlikely. They made this change once, and the entire Magento community was appalled.

Please refer to the  Integration Guide for detailed explanations on what core phtml changes are made.

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