MageRewards Milestones

NOTE: This new feature is available as of MageRewards

Milestone Rules

Milestone Rules are a new addition to MageRewards Rewards. Merchants can specify a milestone target within a specific period of time for customers to reach. Once the target has been reached the milestone action occurs. 

  NOTE: once this rules is set up, MageRewards will NOT retroactively check for targets.  It applies the rule to activities going forward.

Rule Setup

Milestone Rules are set up through the Customer Behavior Rule interface. 

Rule Information

Rule Priorities

At the moment, priorities have no effect on Milestone rules. As a general rule however, Milestone rules should always happen  last.
For example, consider the following rules set up on a store:

  • Customers only in Group B will get 500 points on any order
  • All Customers in Group A will move to Group B after placing 2 orders.

In this case, a customer in Group A will need to place 2 orders first. After that has been complete, they will move to Group B. This means they can  only earn 500 points on their 3rd order.

Triggers and Conditions

Customer Action or Event

Two new items have been added to this list:

  • Reaches milestone for number of orders
  • Reaches milestone for number of referrals

At the moment, these are the only types of milestone actions supported. When each is selected, a target field will appear underneath.

NOTE: You will need to specify how the count the target (what counts as an order or referral) from the Configuration page.

*In all cases, we count orders that are  notcanceled and that are placed within websites specified by the rule.

Customer Group

Just like all other rules, a customer must already be a member of one of these groups before the rule can be applied to them.

Start and End Date

Merchants can specify what period of time this rule is effective. Only people who hit the target during the effective period will be rewarded.
Consider the following example:

Milestone rule to give 200 points if anyone reaches 3 orders between May 1st and May 31st.

The following people will earn 200 points:

  • Customer A made two orders in January, He places 3rd order on May 5.
  • Customer B makes 1st order on May 1, 2nd order on May 13, 3rd order on May 30.
The following people will  not earn points:
  • Customer C has already placed 3 orders before May. He places 4th order on May 5.
  • Customer D has placed 1st and 2nd order on May 5 and May 10. He places 3rd order on September 5.

Please keep in mind that the Start date is inclusive but the end date is exclusive.   In the example below, reaching the milestone target on October 31, is not acceptable


Milestone Rules (only) also allow for changing of customer groups.  if any other rule is selected, this option will not work.

Please keep in mind that the change of customer group should happen after ALL other types of rewards.  This means,  If someone reaches a milestone while doing an action, their old customer group should be considered for that action.  All subsequent actions will be based on the new customer group.

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