Catalog Spending Rule: Points-only Mode

This article is outdated starting from  MageRewards v1.12.0!

Note: Previous to MageRewards 1.7, this mode was only available in what was referred to as MageRewards Platinum. Previous to MageRewards Platinum 1.6, this was referred to as "Products Can Only Be Purchase With this Rule."

When active, this option forces products that match the rule to be only purchasable in the catalog with the points needed to use this rule. Products can only be purchased with points defined in the conditions tab for this rule.

How do I set up a points-only product?

Points-only products are a perfect way to add a completely new element of excitement and engagement to your sales process. Whether you choose to sell 1 or all of your products on a points-only basis, this is how you would do it.

  1. Log into your Magento Admin panel. Go to Rewards > Point Rules > Spending Rules > Catalog
  2. Click on + Add New Catalog Spending Rule
  3. Rule Information Page: Set the "Products Can Only Be Purchase With this Rule" to Active
  4. Conditions Page: Set the perimeters of your rule.
    • Conditions: Outline the conditions that must be meet for the rule to apply (select which product(s) will be sold on a points-only basis)
    • Customer Spends Points: Set Customer Spending Style to "Spend X Points". Set Points Amount (X) to number of points product will be sold at
  5. Actions: Establish what happens IF conditions are satisfied
    • Discount Style: Set to "Fixed Amount"
    • Discount Amount: Set to "0"

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