Set Up a Customer Behavior Earning Rule

These earning rules award points based on a customer's actions. Notice how these rules are not tied to a purchase like the other two. These rules are used to award points for things such as voting in a poll, signing up for a newsletter, and other customer actions. If you want to give customers 10 points for creating a new customer account, you would use a customer behavior rule.

Start by going to:

Rewards > Point Rules > Earning Rules > Customer Behavior

This is the customer behavior (special) points rules page. Again, it is similar to all the other rule pages. Click on Add New Special Rule to create a new customer behavior rule.

Rule Information

The rule information page is the same as all the other rule information pages. Simply enter in the required details.

Conditions & Triggers

Customer behavior rule conditions and triggers and triggers are straightforward and simple: They represent what needs to happen in order for the customer behavior rule actions to occur. Here are some sample triggers:

  • writes review: customer reviews a product in your store
  • signs up: a customer signs up for a customer account for your store
  • votes in poll: a customer takes part in a poll that you have set up in your store
  • for more triggers see Customer Behavior Rule Triggers

Note: Facebook functionality requires a third-party component from Retail Evolved.

Conditions can be:


The actions tab in the rule setup allows you to specify action to take once triggers have occured while conditions are satisfied.

The actions that are applicable to customer behavior earning rule are simply to award x amount of points. Set the amount and currency of points to be earned.

Finishing Up

All that is left to do is to click Save Rule to save and activate the rule.

To set up specific Customer Behavior Rules, you can check out these articles:

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