How To Disable The Default Magento Enterprise Rewards Module

When running MageRewards on a store that is either Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento Professional Edition, it is highly recommended that you disable the default rewards module on the web-site. You can do this by either:

  1. Disabling the module output, or
  2. Disabling the module completely

Disabling Module Output for the Default Magento Rewards Module

Disabling the module output will keep the rewards module enabled, but disable all output so that it doesn't confuse the administrators and customers. To do this, log into your Magento backend, go to System -> Configuration -> Advanced and look for the Mage_Reward module.

Disabling the default Rewards module

To disable the default enterprise/professional module, edit the app/etc/modules/Mage_Reward.xml file in your Magento directory.

Important Considerations

The themes/layouts for the Magento Enterprise/Professional rewards module are specified by "reward" folders and "reward.xml" files. Keep in mind that the MageRewards themes are specified as "rewards" and "rewards.xml" (with the extra "s").
Please see the  Customizing MageRewards Design for more information about MageRewards design files.

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