Finding Incompatible Extensions

Most stores have 5 or more extensions installed. Magento does not warrant against extension conflicts. However to find possible incompatible or conflicting extensions follow these steps:

  1. Download the package from:
  2. Extract all the files locally, then using FTP or SSH copy ./app to>> ./<your_magento>/
  3. Clear Magento Cache, re-login, If needed run compilation process
  4. Navigate back-end > System > Extension Conflicts.
  5. Refresh conflict table.

Indications of an Extension Conflict

Overwriting Magento Core Files

In general, if any files are located in the app\code\local\Mage\ directory in your Magento installation folder, this is a red-flag for potential conflicts as they are effectively overwriting Magento core files. This could be a reason for conflicts but conflicts are not limited to this.

Model Rewrites in Third Party Modules

Another red flag for extension conflicts is any time there are model rewrites inside a third party module as explained here:  Conflicting Extensions. Running TestSuite can usually identify these after both MageRewards and the third party module have been installed on the system.

If MageRewards isn't installed on a system yet, it becomes harder to detect these types of conflicts. You will need to know exactly what "rewrite components" are being used on your store through third party modules and compare them with our "rewrite components" to make sure there is no intersection. A good way for you to know what rewrites we use is to study the MageRewards config.xml file.

There are still other ways that modules can conflict with each other. These are not easy to see unless both modules have been fully tested with each other.

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