Customer Points

Customer Point Balances

To access Customer Point Balances in your stores admin, navigate to Rewards > Customer Points > Customer Point Balances.

Here you can see a detailed list of your customers along with their point balances. One thing to note is that MageRewards does not store the actual balance of each customer, it calculates the balance by adding/subtracting all the transfers. This makes the balances more accountable and secure since only an individual transfer can be made rather than an edit of the total point balance.

You can export your customer balances to CSV/XML, create a point transfer to multiple customers, create a single point transfer as well as filter down which customers' balances you view.

Point Transfers

In the Point Transfers section of the Customer Points menu, you'll find two options: Manage Transfers & Create New Transfers.

Manage Transfers

This area displays past point transfers and their details.

Please note: Previous to MageRewards v. 1.6, this was located directly under Rewards > Manage Transfers with different management subsections of Redemptions, Distributions and All Other Transfers. Beginning with MageRewards v. 1.6 we have simplified this for ease of use.

Here you can filter/sort point transfers, export to CSV/XML and change transfer statuses.If you want to see and modify all aspects of a transfer, click  View by the transfer to view the transfer details page.

If you want to see customer specific information for this transfer, simply click on the  Customer tab to change your details view.

Exporting Points Transfer History

To export points transfer history to CSV or XML, simply check the box next to any transfer you want to export and use the export menu to select the type of file you want to export to.

Revoking Points

If you wish to "undo" a transfer, you cannot simply delete it (remove the transfer). This would make the customer's point balance less accountable. Instead, you can revoke a transfer (create a transfer opposite of the transfer you wish to nullify). Click  View on the transfer you wish to revoke, and then In the transfer details simply click the Revoke Transfer button.

You may notice that on the details page for a revoked transfer, there is now a third tab on the left:  Reference Other Transfer.

Create New Transfer

To create a one time transfer, click the  Create a New Transfer button from the Manage Transfers page or navigate directly to it using Rewards > Customer Points > Point Transfers > Create New Transfer. 

From here you'll see the  Create New Transfer details page. It should look like this:

On the  Transfer Information tab, you'll want to fill out the required fields:

  • Points Currency: Select which currency you wish to transfer. Currently there is only one currency by default.
  • Transfer Style: Give/deduct points to/from customer.
  • Points Amount: The number of points to transfer.
  • Status: The status of the transfer. Can be approved, on hold or pending.
  • Reason: The reason for transfer. Currently there is only one reason by default: administrative adjustments

You can also fill in information here for:

  • Comments/Notes: Insert a brief note about the transfer of points. Note: Your customer will see this comment/note.

Next you'll want to click on the  Customer tab to select the customer you wish to apply the transfer to.

Once you've selected your customer to apply the transfer to, simply click the  Create New Transfer button to complete the transaction.

Mass Point Transfers

If you want to create a mass point transfer, you can do so using the Rewards > Customer Points > Customer Point Balances screen.

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