Translation Guide

Current Translations

MageRewards can be freely translated into any language, making it entirely locale-independent. MageRewards has already been translated into many of the most commonly-spoken languages.

Creating a New Translation

Main Translation

Please follow the these instructions to translate MageRewards into your language.
  1. Seach FAQ section of our knowledgebase to see if your locale is available. If so, proceed to step 6 with the obtained file.
  2. Download and install the Magento community pack for your locale from Magento Connect. (like this Danish pack or enable your own translation of all the 'normal' Magento functionality.
  3. Assuming a translation does not exist for your language, copy the en_US translation file from the app/locale/en_US/TBT_Rewards.csv
  4. The format of the file is like this: “Phrase in English”,”Phrase in Your Language”.
    Note: If you don't use this format the system will not recognize the translation.
  5. To translate to your language, change the second instance of the English translation to the equivalent word or phrase in your language (after the comma).
    DO NOT use Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application unless you are sure it's going to properly format the file. You should use a plain text editor instead.
  6. Rename the file to “TBT_Rewards.csv” if you need to.
  7. Place the file in the app/locale/[YOUR_LANGUAGE_CODE]/ folder.
  8. Clear your cache.

Translating Elements By Store View

In the back-end go to "System -> Configuration -> MageRewards -> Transfer Comments", select the store view that is in your language and translate each message that you think you will use. In MageRewards 1.3 you can also specify your own message per store view in the customer account "My Points and Rewards" page.

Store E-mails

For points expiry e-mails the default is app/locale/en_US/email/template/rewards/expiry_notice.html. You can translate this file into your own language and place it in app/locale/[YOUR_LANGUAGE_CODE]/email/template/rewards/expiry_notice.html. Alternatively, you can use the Magento MageRewards configuration and Transaction E-mails utility to define your own, then set the value in the back-end configuration for MageRewards as your own template for each of your store views.

Translate Referral Program

If you're using the  referral program extension for MageRewards, you'll also need to follow  these translation instructions.

If you've followed the steps correctly, the entire MageRewards platform should be compatible in your language. You can help the community out by sending us your translation file and letting others use it.

Translation Phrase File Explanations

This list of explanations for some translation entries might come of use to you if you're doing the translation from scratch.

Using Provided Translation Files

  • Released AS IS and we do not guarantee the accuracy of translations.
  • Magento Language Pack is required to complete the translation.

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