MageRewards Update Guide for Magento 1

This update guide assumes that you meet all  system requirements. To avoid loss of sales due to incompatibilities with unique store installations, we highly recommend you update MageRewards on an up-to-date staging store before doing so on a live store.

Note: MageRewrads is not compatible with Magento 2. These instructions are for Magento 1 only.

Important: Starting with MageRewards, released on 10/07/2013 updating MageRewards through Magento Connect is no longer an option. 

1. Place your Magento Store in Maintenance Mode

While installing or updating any module on your Magento store, it's highly recommended to place your Magento store into "Maintenance Mode". You can usually achieve this by creating an empty file named  maintenance.flag into your Magento root directory on the server.

Because Magento automatically triggers installation scripts of a newly added/updated module, placing a store into Maintenance Mode will ensure that the installation scripts of the new module only run once, by an administrator.

Some additional references on this topic:  How to put Magento in Maintenance Mode

2. Updating MageRewards Using FTP/SFTP

This guide will help you update to a new version of MageRewards through FTP access. Before you begin, please uninstall MageParts CEM through Magento Connect if it is installed.

  1. Download the latest version of MageRewards.
  2. Unzip or untar the MageRewards rewards files into a local directory.
  3. Move all files into their respective directories in your Magento installation directory on the FTP server as they appear after unzipping/untaring the package. You may replace the existing files during this process. Please note: If you modified any core MageRewards files, they will be overwritten at this point. All specific store changes to MageRewards files should be made from within your theme to avoid losing them.
  4. Clear your store cache and log out of all your admin accounts, then log back in. This refreshes Magento ACL date (administrative permissions)
  5. You will then need to disconnect and reconnect MageRewards. To do this, follow the Connecting a Magento Store to your MageRewards Account. This will refresh your API connection.

Important: If you're making the jump to MageRewards 1.6 or later from an older version, be sure to follow the Additional MageRewards 1.6 Update Steps.

2. Themes, Translations & Testing

In any given update we may change our template, layout or translation files. If you have customized any of these files, you will likely want to merge the changes from the new version into your custom version.

  1. If you customized MageRewards design files.
    • If you have custom changes in:
      • rewards.xml (<your_package>/<your_theme>/layout/rewards.xml)
      • or any files in (<your_package>/<your_theme>/templates/rewards/)
  2. Review the Change Log for each change in version. Take interest in any design changes listed. This will help you know which files to check against your own modified files. (If any were modified)
  3. Update your translation file if you have one. A list of new Magento translation entries can usually be found in the Change Log.
  4. Important: Test, test, and test some more! There's no guarantee that your store will be compatible with the new changes, especially when you have many other extensions installed, so you should test all of your point rules thoroughly. If any problems occur that do not occur with an earlier version of MageRewards. Then there has been a problem with the upgrade. Please report the issue, but also take the time to investigate the problem on your store thoroughly since 90% of the time the issue is related to your store's custom/configured behavior.

That's it! Clear cache, refresh your compilation if you have one, and enjoy your newly upgraded rewards MageRewards!

3. Specific Update Guides

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