Social Media Sharing Buttons and Functionality

If you are using MageRewards v1.8.6.6 and older, then you are using the legacy Social Rewards functionality. Consider upgrading to the New Rewards Social 2.0, available in v1.8.7.0 and up. Learn More

This article contains information for our new Rewards Social 2.0 only, download Social Rewards v1.0 documentation here

The social media sharing in our MageRewards extension works exactly like normal social sharing widgets and even looks very similar. Except with our extension on your Magento shop you can reward your customers for their social sharing actions. This social rewarding functionality unlocks multiple customer acquisition and marketing opportunities, the best thing is you don't have to lift a finger to achieve this.

The social media sharing functionality is tied into the core of MageRewards functionality. You can track any rewards earned by social media sharing on the front-end via the “My Account” screen and on the back-end in the admin panel of your Magento store.

Our MageRewards extension currently support:

  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Share
  • Twitter Share
  • Twitter Follow
  • Google + Share
  • Pinterest (Pin) Share.

Why do I want Social Media Sharing On My Magento Site?

Allowing your customers to earn reward points for sharing product, orders and pages on social media channels enables you to increase the distribution of your site on the main social media channels. 

Many of our customers have used these features to boost their social media exposure and this even has an impact on SEO (search engine optimisation) through the back-link that are generated when a customer shares your site.

Setting Up Your Social Media Sharing

To setup earning for any of the types of social media sharing so you can reward your customers for these actions, you need to setup a Customer Behavior rule in MageRewards, here is how you do this.

  1. Navigate to Rewards > Reward Rules > Earning Rules > Customer Behavior

  2. Create a new Customer Behavior Rule
    1. Set the Trigger action drop-down to what you wish the social media action to be. e.g. Likes a page with Facebook.
    2. Choose the number of points to reward the customer in the Actions section.Save the rule or Save and Continue Edit.
  3. Review the MageRewards rewards limit settings Rewards Social 2.0 Admin Functionality. These security settings help reduce abuse.

  4. Clear cache and try it out in the front-end.

That is it, you now have a social media sharing rule setup and customers who complete that sharing action on the front-end of your site will be rewarded.

Receiving Points for Social Media Sharing

Your customer will receive points for using the social media sharing widgets on the front-end of your Magento store. When they click on the widget it will prompt them using a window from the widget to share that page, product or order to their social media profile. 

Once their social sharing action is complete, we process their rewards in the back-end and show a success message on the next page they navigate to, confirming that they have earned a certain amount of points for their hard work. Not only is the process simple but it is also easy for the customer and they will see the benefits once they have completed the action and spend their points on their next purchase.

Social Media Point Status's

With the MageRewards social media sharing reward process, you can set this to be automatically rewarded to the customer or you can set it to be rewarded after you have reviewed the action in the MageRewards Point Transfers interface, but first read about MageRewards configuration for Initial Points Transfer Status’s here.

Manually Integrating Social Media

To manually integrate social media sharing on your website, have a read through our new Social Rewards 2.0 Integration Guide.

You will need to get your developer or development partner to review this documentation as the implementation will require knowledge of how to use JavaScript code.

Using Your Own Social Media Buttons / Icons

All customers using MageRewards v1.8.7.0 and above can use their own social media buttons and icons to reward customers for certain actions. This is made possible by using our newly developed JavaScript API which allows you to custom tag visual elements with JavaScript code to register social actions in MageRewards which based on your Customer Behavior rules will then reward the customer with points for that action.

You will need to get a front-end developer or development partner to review this documentation as the implementation will require knowledge of how to use JavaScript code.

Learn more about how to customize the social media buttons.


These considerations are important to keep in mind when using the social media functionality and MageRewards.

  • Customers must be logged in to the store and logged into their social media account in order to earn reward points.
  • If you don't want customers to be rewarded more than once for their social media sharing actions then you will need to change the security limits in the advanced configuration of MageRewards.
  • If you want to disable or enable certain social media functions you will need to unselect them in the list of enabled social functions in the advanced configuration 'Social Rewards' tab of MageRewards.
  • If you cannot see the social media sharing widget on your CMS pages you can follow this process to add it.

Social Media FAQ's

Are points deducted from customer when they “Unlike” a page or "Delete a share"?

No. Facebook and other social media platforms do not notify us if a user un-likes a page or deletes a share later.

What happens when a customer clicks a social media share button and they do not have a social media account to login with?

Facebook and the other social media platforms will prompt them to login or create an account in a new pop-up. If they do so within the same pop-up, we can still detect the like or share and reward for it.

How many times can a customer receive points for sharing on social media?

As many times as you wish, these limits can be edited in the admin configuration, read Rewards Social 2.0 Admin Functionality to learn more.

Can a customer “Like” the same Magento page more than once?

No. The Facebook 'Like' function only allows you to like the page once.

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