Turn Off The Points Columns In The Shopping Cart

This article is outdated starting from  MageRewards v1.12.0!

To completely remove the catalog points redeeming and earning column displays follow these instructions:

  1. Copy app\design\frontend\default\default\layout\rewards.xml to your theme or package
  2. Edit the version that you copied to your theme or package
    1. Find the line that starts with the tag:
      <reference name="checkout.cart">

      . It should be around line 165.

    2. Delete everything including the
      <reference name="checkout.cart">
      down until and including where you see
  3. Reverse your integrations of MageRewards into the shopping cart points columns if you did them: Display points in the shopping cart. If you didn't integrate here you can skip this step.

Are you using Catalog points rules?

If you're not using catalog points rules the columns should not show up anyways. MageRewards only shows catalog points columns in the shopping cart if their are points earned or spent in the shopping cart.

If you're not using catalog points rules but your shopping cart column order is messed up after installing MageRewards you should see this article:  Customizing the Shopping Cart Points Column

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