Developer Mode in Magento

This feature is implemented so that merchants who have a non-live store, can use MageRewards without interfering with real point transfers on a live site. This feature is meant to accommodate for testing purposes only. 

Developer Mode allows for an installation of MageRewards to stay offline for point transfers. This means that no point transfers will go onto your MageRewards account while MageRewards is in Developer Mode. 

The Developer Mode control can be accessed through the admin panel in Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration > MageRewards Account Details.

hen Developer Mode is on, any point transfer made on Magento will have the phrase "[Developer Mode]" attached to it to remind you that the control is on.

Disconnecting from Developer Mode

To disconnect from Developer Mode, you will need to navigate back to the same screen at  Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration > MageRewards Account Details. Click the Disconnect from MageRewards button.

Once you have disconnected, repeat the steps to  connect your MageRewards account, but set  Developer Mode to No.

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