Connecting a Magento Store to Your MageRewards Account

Note: This guide assumes you have already installed the MageRewards extension on your Magento store. If you have not, please follow our Quick Start Guide before continuing here.

You'll need to connect your Magento store to your MageRewards account in order to view analytics. To do so, log in to your Magento store and navigate to  Rewards >Configuration > Other Configuration > MageRewards Account Details.

The first screen you'll see will look like this:

if you already have an account, you can login with your username and password here to connect your Magento store. If you do not have an account yet, signup for one from our pricing page

Developer Mode

If you set  Developer Mode to Yes, this will connect your Magento store to your dev account instead of live account. This is for testing and development purposes only. If your store is live, and you are done testing MageRewards, please disconnect your Magento store from your MageRewards account to switch out of Developer Mode. Learn more about Developer Mode in Magento.


Once your Magento store is connected to your MageRewards account, you should see the following screen:

if you click on the Account URL, it will take you to your MageRewards account where you can modify your account information, view your billing history, upgrade your subscription and access analytics for your rewards campaign.

Disconnecting a Magento Store from Your MageRewards Account

If for some reason you want to disconnect your Magento store from your MageRewards account, simply click the  Disconnect from MageRewards button.

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