Resolving Extension Conflicts

If you found an extension conflict using  this guide but the instructions are not available for how to resolve the conflict, these instructions might be helpful. Keep in mind we're assuming that you're a programmer (or very, very skilled web designer) and you understand the basics of (OOP) Object Oriented Programming. Also, obviously we don't support any custom programming you're doing related to this or any Extensions that conflict with MageRewards or each other. We cannot guarantee the integrity of every programming in the world ;).

What you want to do to resolve an extension conflict is the following:

  1. Add a "depends" entry in one of the conflicting module's. This will cause the dependent module to load before the other. You app/etc/modules/[Module].xml file should look something like this:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. Whichever class that is dependent on the Other_Module will now need to extend the other class file. For example, if the dependent class being loaded is not the MageRewards class, you should copy the MageRewards class file along with its folder structure into app/code/local, then make the class extend the class of the conflicting module.
  3. (good practice) In the child module that is dependent on the parent module, Remove the unused rewrite often found in its config.xml.
  4. Test the change by running a page in your store that uses that model/class

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