How do I disable MageRewards?

Follow these instructions to disable MageRewards from your Magento Store. We recommend that you do this instead of  uninstalling MageRewards since it disables everything completely so that no MageRewards files are loaded.

  1. Important: Go through all your shopping cart and distribution rules and disable them.
  2. Access the following path through your FTP Server in the Magento installation directory:


  3. Create a new directory named disabled.
  4. Move all files with a TBT prefix to the following location: (this will cause Magento to not find the module files and automatically disable the extension)
  5. Clear Magento cache and re-login
Note that this is a fast way of disabling an extension. If you'd like to it the long and proper way, you should edit all MageRewards sub-module files (with  TBT prefix) and change the line

You can also disable MageRewards or any module by renaming the  app/etc/modules/*.xml file to *.xml.disable

Note: You should never disable TBT_Common in System > Configuration > Advanced > Disable Modules Output, even if you completely disable output for a specific store.

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