MageRewards Installation Guide for Magento 1

This installation guide assumes that you meet all  system requirements. To avoid loss of sales due to incompatibilities with unique store installations, we highly recommend you install MageRewards on an up-to-date staging store before doing so on a live store.

Note: MageRewrads is not compatible with Magento 2. These instructions are for Magento 1 only.

If you are an existing user already running MageRewards, please follow the  Update Guide instead.

1. Pre-Installation Checklist

  1. Make sure your store meets all system requirements.
  2. If you are installing manually via FTP, make sure you have FTP access to your store's home directory.
  3. Make sure you have downloaded the latest MageRewards version from here: ( ziptar.gz )
  4. Make sure you take sufficient backups of your Magento store (see this blog post from Nexcess)
  5. Uninstall MageParts CEM through Magento Connect if it is installed.
  6. If you are using Magento's Compilation feature, you will need to disable it before installing MageRewards. You can run it again after the setup process completes.
  7. If you are using Magento Enterprise Edition or Professional Edition, you should disable the default Magento Enterprise/Professional rewards module (Enterprise_Reward).

2. Place your Magento Store in Maintenance Mode

While installing or updating any module on your Magento store, it's highly recommended to place your Magento store into "Maintenance Mode". You can usually achieve this by creating an empty file named   maintenance.flag into your Magento root directory on the server.

Because Magento automatically triggers installation scripts of a newly added/updated module, placing a store into Maintenance Mode will ensure that the installation scripts of the new module only run once, by an administrator.

Some additional references on this topic:   How to put Magento in Maintenance Mode

3. Installing MageRewards Using FTP

Here are the steps to install MageRewards using FTP or SFTP

UnZip or UnTar files for the latest version of MageRewards (  ziptar.gz ) into a local directory.

  1. Move all files into their respective directories in your Magento installation directory on the FTP server as they appear after extracting the package.
    • On Unix systems the following command will do this: 
    cp -R source_dir/ destination_dir/
  2. Clear your store cache.
    • In your Magento admin panel, this is under System > Cache Management.
  3. Log Out of your Magento Admin and then log back in. 
    • This refreshes the Magento ACL date which effects your administrative permissions. You will not see expected module behavior until you do this. You may also need to refresh your cache.
  4. Connect your store to your MageRewards account by following these instructions
    • You will not be able to use MageRewards until you have connected to your account.
  5. Follow our  Integration Guide to incorporate certain template sections from MageRewards into your own theme or templates.
  6. Refer to our Customization Guide for instructions on how to customize the appearance of MageRewards in your store.
  7. Setup some rules so your customers can start earning (and spending) points!

3. Additional Steps

  • Translations: If you require a translation of MageRewards into your language review the Translation Guide. We do have some Community Translations available but please keep in mind these are provided by our community and may not be full translations.
  • Configuration: Learn how to get started configuring MageRewards with our Admin User Manual.
  • Referral/Affiliates: You can also install our free Referral/Affiliates Extension extension. 

4. Considerations

  • You will be responsible for requesting, obtaining and installing required or optional updates.
  • We cannot support the installation of the module unless you've purchased the installation service package or service has been offered along with your subscription.
  • You should backup your store as frequently as needed.
  • Of course, kindly abide by our Terms of Service.

5. Troubleshooting

If you're having difficulties installing, please reference our  troubleshooting articles. In particular, if you are experiencing random behaviors around the site, read this article as you may be dealing with conflicting extensions or unsupported php versions.

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